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The Virtual Village is a 3D virtual parallel world for the surgical community to foster professional growth, scientific exchange, education, innovation and networking.

Discover the undetected possibilities in different districts with on-demand content and scheduled live events called "Happenings". Our vision is to build a constantly growing open world with inspiration taken from the multiplayer gaming industry. Where members can naturally explore a 3D environment with Avatars and interact with peers and the community.

Join the exciting journey to develop the New Normal in surgical education and innovation - become a citizen of The Village.

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July 8th, 2020

BG meets UKE


Interaktives Begrüßungsevent mit Lifelike Fracture live OP's als Fortbildungsveranstaltung anlässlich der Ernennung von Prof.  Frosch als Ärztlicher Direktor des BG Klinikums Hamburg

October 19th - 24th, 2020

Treatment Week 2020


The Kickoff event to redefine the new normal in surgical education & innovation across specialties: Trauma, Sport, Ortho, Newtech, Spine surgical event with hands-on and virtual formats


The Next Big Thing


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We're working with the brightest minds from the surgical community and gaming industry to pursue our vision of the ultimate parallel surgical world to connect excellence.

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